TATDig "Search"

API for programmers


How TATDig "Search" API works?


Use only POST method for requests!

POST request fields:

apikey - "string" is a unique api identifier. To register, follow this link

num - "number" the number of results per page. Cannot exceed 50. Default value is 7.

page - "number" the requested page number. The default is 1.

q - "string" search query. The length cannot exceed 128 characters.

host - "string" the client's computer name for example "www.example.com". Must match with DNS record.

langs - "string" search language 'tt', 'az', 'en' ... Default value 'tt'.

example with php and curl     server response example     пример ошибки сервера     пример с javascript,jquery

Server response, XML:

Document's structure:

status - request execution codes: success - 200, 401 - authorization error, 500 - server error ...





total - total number of documents found for request.

results - search results.

result - found document.

  • url

    - The address of the page on the Internet
  • descr

    - excerpt of document
  • issafe

    - is it safe?

TATDig "Search" virtual system is neither an individual nor a legal entity.